Hey, there it’s Stephanie Yap (now, Stephanie Rozario) from my8dayweek.com! Welcome to… How to feel more confident, carefree and creative this coming week… Now if you’ve touched base on any of our other platforms welcome back. How are you? It’s lovely to connect with everyone in our community – new and old. Hope that our […]

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Well, the best things in life are FREE! Yes, really! Feeling like Oprah, we want to give back, and, give generously! Download what you need to ensure that you are operating on Friday vibes, endlessly! Enjoy, print and share. Our shout. www.my8dayweek.com/free-resources

Do you want to have stricter boundaries? Do you want to spend less time on social media? Are you ready to share your gifts with the world in a bigger (more exciting) way? Do you love helping people, but wish to package it neatly and with your signature stamp? Do you want to get out […]

A name change, a new haircut and *considerable time-passed-later* I decided to change profile pics! Also, after fiddling with techie-related things that are not my forte I’m happy to announce “Let’s Talk B.O.S.S!” The Podcast is LIVE. I’m happily wearing my Multiple Hats, as I take on the fun role of Podcast Host. I’ll be […]