World Shakers,Lemme Grab Your Attention.

Let’s do that #1 thing that you always dreamed you would.
No ifs, no buts, no maybes.

Life is just too short.
Let’s not be all talk and no action girlfriend.

Private coaching

Step aside from the whirlpool of excuses and long list of empty promises.
Have a goal, accept responsibility and let’s take bold no-nonsense action.

So, let's do this thing together.

Calling all doers, change makers and Ms. Success…

Girlfriend, there’s no-one or nothing to blame other than Me, Myself and I.

I'm ready!


Personally tailored 1:1 Life Coaching > To tap into your God given potential + E.P.I.C. Superpower

Group Coaching > Where synergy, collective wisdom and your own unique goals meet your Go-Getter attitude. High Five!

In-person Workshops> Stephanie is currently taking bookings to run her teaching methodologies on  Study  Hard, Study Smart. Suitable for schools, universities and TAFE institutes.

 To secure a booking, send an email to:

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We endeavour to educate, equip and empower females to live a life where they can successfully juggle their (many) passions + ultimately build a lifestyle they love as they shine in their Full Potential.

yes please!

Clarity Call

Unpack your current circumstances and provide useful resources and options for the key issues you wish to resolve.

Action is the universal language of success. There’s definitely no two ways about it.

Ways to work together

We currently offer Clarity Calls twice a week.
Our Clarity Calls are a free 20 minutes strategy sessions where we:

Our commitment to our community is to bring you The Best of the Best. Always.

Keeping it real, honest and fun!

If you do not go after what you want, you will never have it.
If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.
If you do not step forward, you will remain in the same place.

rule #1

rule #2

rule #3

a little more about me...

Having worked as a High School Preparation teacher for over 13 years has given Stephanie a clear understanding concerning the areas of time management, planning and strategising, juggling multiple projects and interests, career planning and essential life skill development.

The benefits of working with Stephanie and her team are best outlined under the following coaching specialisations:

Mental health + wellbeing recovery:
- Finding hope, developing self-esteem and resilience
- Holistic and personalised care
- Establishing connectedness and supportive relationships
- Focus on strengths, skills and talents
- Gaining independence
- Having a sense of purpose and meaning in life

Business Coaching:
- "Productivity into Profits"
- The Time Hacker Method™
- WIN BACK 20 hours (or more!) per week in 30 days guaranteed


Want to book me 1:1?


Work with Stephanie to find and create the life you love, *with passion + purpose*.

Perhaps you hate your job or career but have no idea what else to do.

Or maybe you know what you want to do but you have no idea how to make it happen.

As your coach, Stephanie will help you establish effective, heart-centred goals, dreams and plans.

“Capable coaches are not only good empathetic listeners, but they are also good strategists and people with a vision who use their skills and knowledge to help their clients realise their true potential.”

What to book me 1: many?

Currently Stephanie and her team are focused on their 1:1 clients, with their business clients' interest, first and foremost.

Several times a year, Stephanie is open to speaking opportunities to share on (1) Productivity into Profits: The Time Hacker Method™  (2) Study Hard, Study Smart Study Journal.

If you would like to discuss (this part stays the same...)

contact us

Our E-learning portal is buzzing with activity! Our students and clients have access to their portal 24/7.

If you have purchased a course rest assure you will have lifetime access. Log in. And out. According to your life's schedule and commitments.

And remember, to enjoy the adventure!


Stay tuned

Yes, It Really Works...

"It has been a wonderful experience getting to know Stephanie from *my8dayweek* and supporting each other in our business endeavours."

Earlier this year, when I started one of my businesses Stephanie was and continues to be incredibly helpful with advice, collaboration ideas and all in all, made me feel special and empowered.

Stephanie definitely embodies entrepreneurship and #womenhelpingwomen; she's always more than happy to do all that she can to bring out the best in people, with flair and creativity. 

Whether you are new to entrepreneurship or have been in business for years, I highly recommend engaging in Stephanie and *my8dayweek*!


serial entrepreneur

"Stephanie expresses her ideas and facilitates conversation and discussion about personal development with authority, authenticity and confidence."

Without a doubt, she exhibits strong skills in ensuring all projects within the realm of collaboration are beneficial and strategic for all parties involved. 

Together, we have worked with non-for-profit - Fitted for Work and The Conscious Closet with great success! Notably, Stephanie’s has combined her knowledge about fashion styling, photography and sustainability (*slow fashion movement). 


jill of all trades

"Stephanie is a pocket rocket. I have seen her evolve over the years to be a sassy business leader and coach."

She shines best when she witnesses people in their element and doesn’t like to waste a golden opportunity. The future is for those who believe in themselves and their incredible crew. Indeed, no man or woman is an island.


International Biz Leader

giving back 

We support Starfish Project.

“At Starfish Project, we help exploited women and girls experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers.”