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Let’s launch your dream week!

“Sick and tired of endless juggling of tasks?”
“Desperately need a digital detox?”
“Want to book your vacation…in the coming days?”
“Like to finally #wfa (*work from anywhere)?"



For the sweet cosmopolitan gf to say      to new adventures...


WIN BACK 20 hours (or more!) per week…!

Then, you are in the right place, at the right time.

Work with ease throughout the day and level up your priority management, using proven methods, secrets and habits of highly effective people.

Learn the unfailing strategies, hacks, tools, tips and tricks to being #TimeRich.

Fourteen years in, and after teaching 1200+ students, Stephanie has uncovered a wealth of “know-how” that anyone can easily adopt to upgrade and revamp their productivity, state of flow and lifestyle – all while #MindingYourOwnBusiness.

In her Signature Course “Productivity into Profit” using The Time Hacker Method™, Stephanie covers #EnergyZappers, #TimeLeaks, #MoneyLeaks, self-talk, and working in your genius zone #InYourFlow, to drive progress on doing what truly matters.

Personally and professionally.

The Gold Standard

Within 3 months, Stephanie and her team will handball you the Cheat Sheets and                                          for your own business success, and yes, you can even [Steal My Playbook] too as outlined in her podcast Season 1: 

individualised Game Plan 

“Let’s Talk B.O.S.S.!”

We’ll leave no stone unturned. We’ll teach you and guide you how to WIN BACK 20 hours (or more!) per week .

OR we will work for FREE with you, until you do!

That’s our pinky promise! Moreover, that’s officially our GOLD STANDARD.
No more hustlin’! No more early mornings. No more late nights —unless it’s for something you choose to be doing on your calendar.


More time.
More zen-state energy.
More financial security and freedom.
More magical memories with your loved ones.
Less stress, more fun, more joy and fun in the sun!

Do what you want, when you want.

You’ll be ready to book your vacay when you find out all the goodies we have in store for you and your business.

And you won’t have to work weekends any longer.

Every day will be a Friday vibe. ‘Cause you-are-da BOSS!

Everything will be organised, systematic, tidy and running smoothly and effortlessly, like clockwork, WITHOUT the constant checking of “What time is it now? What have I got to do next..?” No. No. No. That season is done and dusted.

*cue Angels singing*

Instead, you’ll be able to re-organise and re-design your life.

On. Your. Terms.

Boom! Bam! Ba-la-bing! It ain’t rocket science.
(We’ll show you step by step. Holding nothin’ back.)

And all you gotta do is get in touch with us for your “Clarity Call” and lend us your ears!



SAVE 20 HOURS (or more) PER WEEK

Yes! Let's Do it!
Yes! Let's Do it!

What’s Your Productivity IQ?

(Curious? It only takes a minute to find out!)
Move the dial on progress over perfection. Be in your peak. Often.

Let’s find out how to live a more fulfilled and colourful life!
*Stressed* spelled backpacks  is more like...desserts. 

before you scroll any further...
Grab your Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail

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Everyone is a B.O.S.S.

/B/eautiful /O/riginal /S/omebody /S/pecial.

How do I successfully juggle multiple talents, interests and passion? What are the qualities of a good leader? How do I manage adversity, fear and doubt? What does it mean to #FailForward? Am I ready to discover #TimeFreedom and The Time Hacker Method™?

The Podcast

Let's talk B.o.s.s.

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“Earlier this year, when I started one of my businesses Stephanie was - and continues to be - incredibly helpful with advice, business tips, strategies and innovative ideas. We spoke about projects and tackled problems outside of the box with success. All in all, she made me feel special, equipped and empowered.”


SERIAL entrepreneur


“Stephanie expresses her ideas and facilitates conversation and discussion about personal development with authority, authenticity and confidence. She is a go-getter and loves seeing others exhibit their talents in all areas of their lives. She brings out the best in people. Thank you Stephanie for everything thus far. Much appreciated.”


jill of all trades


"Stephanie has run several successful Meetup Events at Golden Monkey.
“Everyone had a memorable time and enjoyed the festivities. We look forward to making more memories and creating an atmosphere of fun, friendship and just simply, hanging out with girlfriends on a Saturday night, with an awesome cocktail in hand & live chill out music.”


hired a dream team


real results

Ready to Make Your Dreams Happen?

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The best time for new beginnings is right now.
Gimme #MyPresent.

I'm Stephanie.
Entrepreneur, Teacher turned Facilitator & Writer


more about me

I'm the Founder and Director of my8dayweek.

I've worked as a High School Preparation teacher for over 13 years and then decided to make my side hustle my “Main Thing.”

The concept for my8dayweek was a bold move to ensure that my entrepreneurial pursuits would allow the juggling of all creative endeavours, without dropping the ball on anything. #WhyNotHey

Above all else, I believe that learning is a lifelong journey. It does not end on graduation day. My favourite hashtag synonymous to this truth is #StudentForLife.


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Traits include:
-> Listening and fully understanding your business needs
-> Make your life easier, less stressful and more playful!
-> Minimise your To Do List and...encourage you to open your diary to book that dream destination!

Did we just become best friends?

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Learn why you are already 100% B.O.S.S material.


"Let’s Talk B.O.S.S.!"