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What we do

my8dayweek stands for 3 E Words...


Our Events & Workshops are accessible on several platforms, namely:


Facebook Groups & Event Pages



Meetup ( is a social networking site that allows you to find and join groups related to your own personal interests. However, instead of just talking about these interests online (from your laptop lifestyle), Meetup is used to organise online and (better still) in-person meetings in your area.

At my8dayweek we have 3 groups that we manage, all based in Melbourne, Australia. However, from time-to-time there are events that are 100% online and therefore can definitely cater to our international audience as well. (Wink. Wink. We gotcha covered.)

These groups are for females only, though we have had some guys want to join from time-to-time and mingle with our Meetup base!

All in all, we found that women like to socialise with their Besties and potential *Friends to Besties*, so for now we are just that. No apologies to be made.

The names of our three active Meetup Groups are:




Melbourne Girls in the City

No bias here. If you are a guy that wishes to start a Meetup group (or be part of such a group like ours), drop us a message and we will gladly steer you in the right direction. No problems! No strings attached!

Friends to Besties 

Business Besties 

Welcome to Melbourne Girls in the City (MGIC)...!

This group is for females only, seeking friendship + fun + festivities. To date, we now have over 3,756 members!

Types of activities include festival events, day trips, dinners, lunches, dance lessons, brunch, concerts, and coffee catch ups. Our ideal age group ranges from 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's however in essence, the only criteria you need to join is being female, having a good, positive attitude and adding your best profile photo upon registering!

We believe that:
*Girlfriends keep us grounded. Girlfriends are there for you through thick and thin and offer many different outlooks and perspectives to the setbacks ands tribulations of life. They can provide laughter in times are heartache and a shoulder to cry on.*

Befriending someone who’s a positive influence can help you in making important and necessary decisions to live a meaningful and purpose-driven-life.

Melbourne Girls in the City


make each and every day count

Welcome to our *Friends to Besties* Meetup Group!

We are absolutely delighted to introduce new events and welcome a few new *Event Hosts*.

Since we (Stephanie and Beck) have been using this international Meetup platform, we have met many amazing like-minded women, some that have become:

* Travel buddies (going all the way to South Korea, Seoul together!
* Checking out events abroad (such as in Hong Kong)
* Entrepreneurial buddies, partnering together collaboratively on key biz projects
* Girlfriends and Besties we do *life* with…

And, generally…

Hang out together at events, workshops and seminars all across Melbourne on a regular basis! Fun + memorable times indeed.

We will cover many aspects at *Friends to Besties*, much like unpacking an “Insider’s Guide to Melbourne and inner suburbs with your adventurous girlfriends”.

Friends to Besties!

Heads up. We love to hear ALL about your taste, interests and especially how you like to spend your days off - whether weekdays (after 5pm) or weekends - as a Friend, an all-star Superwoman and Bestie.

Over the years we have run events, including:

Come join us as we explore:

Unpacking our coffee cafe culture
Workshops on Branding, Marketing and Mentoring
Art exhibitions + markets
Movie outings + jazz nights + karaoke sessions
Fashion shows, festivals and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Where to eat and drink
Where to hang out
What activities to get involved with…underground, local and international!

Hey *Business Besties*!

This is a group designed for women who are currently in the process of building a business or are trying to kick some-serious-lady-entrepreneurship goals and would like to do so in a way that is meaningful, authentic, and positively impacts your wider community.

This group offers events and outings on Meetup facilitated by *Business Besties* Stephanie + Beck, with a chance for you to raise concerns and issues, offer strategy and advice to others in business, as well as to extend friendship, collaborate and support one another. And every so often, we will feature a *Business Bestie* who will share her firsthand experience, skillset, knowledge and expertise.

Business Besties

Welcome lady boss, we can't wait to meet you.


If you are interested in going a little further with your learning & growing in a community of awesome women, *Business Besties* also offers various key events throughout the year, such as our monthly mentoring workshops, attend Melbourne Fashion Festival, Spring Racing, various art exhibitions and more..!

You will notice a wide range of options for events (in terms of cost and location) that suit whatever phase of business you are in, as well as relating to the interests and skills you wish to pursue.

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

- helen keller

Business Besties

We will keep the conversation going regarding the entrepreneurial spirit, creative collaborations and up-skilling in all areas of business and leadership.

We run events to facilitate discussion, engage with innovative concepts and ideas, and ensure that we stay up-to-date with current trends within the marketplace.

We encourage business to business (B2B) sharing of ideas and successes, expanding upon existing framework and practices and of course, word of mouth marketing.

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is a process.
Working together is success.

Together, we’ll make a difference.

Friends to Besties Collective

Due to the uncertainty and changes worldwide right now, *Friends to Besties* have decided to start a Facebook Group.

As day-to-day events unfold, we want to rally together to help shift the unhealthy vibes, into something proactive and positive - encouraging each other to take simple steps, armed with wisdom and wise counsel.

The matters are complex and we may not get it perfect in one go, but as we put our hearts and minds together, we strongly believe we can rise to the occasion…

The main topics we will cover initially include:
- Health and wellness
- Lifestyle, habits and routines
- Money matters
- WFH (work from home) awesome tip, tricks and strategies.  Let’s go with the flow…hey...👩‍🏫

We are really looking forward to *connecting, collaborating and being creative*, as each person brings something of great value to the table!

My 8 Day Week

This is our offical my8dayweek Facebook Group, keeping it open to our extended community.

Photographs from recent event are published here. And we use this platform to tease out new strategies and direction for the coming season.

We have opened up this Facebook Group Page to the guys in our life, curious about what we are getting up to. (Thanks champs for your support and encouragement. And letting us go on dates without you…)

facebook Groups

facebook events

We currently do not post a lot of our events this way, but when we are able to cater for larger groups we will use this means of marketing more frequently.


Humanitix is a not-for-profit organisation, notable for operating an event ticketing platform to raise funds for education projects.

At my8dayweek we publish all ticketed events via Humantix.

Look out for our next must-go event, and why not, tag your Best Friends too!


Freshly baked, our E-learning portal is in our precious Pre Launch Phase.

We have not fully launch of public assets yet! Everything is behind the scenes.

For now, we would love to chat with you if you consider yourself a budding entrepreneur.




''Let’s Talk B.O.S.S.''

Flip the Script

Happy, Healthy, Wise & Wealthy

And be part of the original crew of E to EE *Employee to Empowered Entrepreneur.

We will be unpacking our ''Let’s Talk B.O.S.S.'' and all things to do with lifestyle, entrepreneurship and taking things to the #NextLevel.

You are welcome to                  to stay
in the loop.



If you have signed up for one of our Courses, let’s get to it…

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Believe in your future and celebrate the present. We have all been given 24 hours in a day. Ensure that your days are well spent.

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Everyone is a B.O.S.S.

/B/eautiful /O/riginal /S/omebody /S/pecial.

How do I get out of the rat race? How do I successfully juggle multiple interests and passions? What are the qualities of a good leader? How do you manage adversity, fear and doubt? What does it mean to fail forward? Am I ready to leave my 9 to 5? Should I start my own business?

Empowered women, empower women.

We are gathering our Sisterhood.
And making this year the Best Year Eva! 

Yes, It Really Works...

"It has been a wonderful experience getting to know Stephanie from *my8dayweek* and supporting each other in our business endeavours."

Earlier this year, when I started one of my businesses Stephanie was and continues to be incredibly helpful with advice, collaboration ideas and all in all, made me feel special and empowered.

Stephanie definitely embodies entrepreneurship and #womenhelpingwomen; she's always more than happy to do all that she can to bring out the best in people, with flair and creativity. 

Whether you are new to entrepreneurship or have been in business for years, I highly recommend engaging in Stephanie and *my8dayweek*!


serial entrepreneur

"Stephanie expresses her ideas and facilitates conversation and discussion about personal development with authority, authenticity and confidence."

Without a doubt, she exhibits strong skills in ensuring all projects within the realm of collaboration are beneficial and strategic for all parties involved. 

Together, we have worked with non-for-profit - Fitted for Work and The Conscious Closet with great success! Notably, Stephanie’s has combined her knowledge about fashion styling, photography and sustainability (*slow fashion movement). 


jill of all trades

"Stephanie is a pocket rocket. I have seen her evolve over the years to be a sassy business leader and coach."

She shines best when she witnesses people in their element and doesn’t like to waste a golden opportunity. The future is for those who believe in themselves and their incredible crew. Indeed, no man or woman is an island.


International Biz Leader

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giving back 

We support Starfish Project.

“At Starfish Project, we help exploited women and girls experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers.”