I'm Stephanie

Entrepreneur, Teacher Turned Facilitator, Writer and founder of my8dayweek.
The concept for my8dayweek was a bold move to ensure that my entrepreneurial pursuits would allow the juggling of all creative endeavours, without dropping the ball on anything. 


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Writer and founder of my8dayweek

E.P.I.C. – As an acronym it stands for Enthusiastic, Punchy, Intelligent, Creative. The Ticket to Fun and Fruitfulness.

It’s one of my favourite words. I use them when I say something is incredibly cool.

To have an E.P.I.C. life, you’ll need to invest in yourself. There’s really no two ways about it.

“But, what does it actually entail…?”

Squeeze in at least 20 minutes a day, to do what makes your heart sing.

The key word here is, at least. That’s the bare minimum.

Find ways to carve out more and more time for this important session of the day.

Life is short, make it about what you love doing, and do not give in to pleasing everyone else when planning your schedule.

Give back – Hustle with Heart

The word hustle has been given a bad wrap. But truly we need to work hard to get far.

Work hard towards working less.

Plan it in such a way that doing the hustle is the way to enjoy your skills and talents.

Anyone who says that laziness is the way to go is definitely living a lie. Maybe what he or she means is that they are just in their flow, and it feels easy, but there has to be a “challenge”.

Otherwise, you will feel bored and restless, especially when you know you have the capacity to create and produce “awesomeness”, whether in the form of producing music, writing an article, painting a masterpiece or completing a project. And believe me; you won’t want to sit on the beach for days and weeks on end, simply doing nothing. Absolutely nothing!

To hustle, I encourage you to work in short bursts which, when focused could last for 1-3 hours, for some, longer. I know that early in the morning my brain is at its peak, and I can churn out a lot of writing, create engaging social media content and plan well. I deliberately choose to work till 2 pm on most days, and do my chores and chill afterwards, as an incentive for a morning and early afternoon well spent.

Also, work in an environment of love and respect. Offer advice and encouragement and be generous with your time. When you offer your service to others and its well received, there’s no substitute for the gratifying feeling you get.

It will fill your energy tank, giving you more energy to do more of the same.

#StudentForLife, keep learning, “Stay curious & stay humble.”

As a teacher, I sometimes find myself reminding my students:

We are all teachers and we are all students.

None of us are exempt. We teach others what we know well and we are always learning as well. These are the two hats we need to take seriously, and the rewards will be enormous, ultimately.

Live with authenticity, intention and purpose.


Be enthusiastic, and focus your attention on the things that are and will be fulfilling.

Life is short. But long enough to give it all you’ve got.

Inject fun and adventure into your every day.


Spirited, memorable, playful

When you know why you are doing what you’re doing, there’s no need to hold back. Just fuel your tasks with everything you’ve got.

As Vincent Van Gogh said: Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

So, try to do a series of great small things daily. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in due time.

Consistency every day leads to outstanding achievements gained over a period of time.


“Switched on” in terms of IQ & EQ.

In my playbook, you will find out how I define IQ and EQ, with more emphasis on EQ, though both are important.




Responsible decision-making

Relationship skills

Social awareness



Mathematical reasoning

Spatial reasoning

Verbal reasoning

Memory and recall

We will unpack this topic in more detail in my Signature Course “Productivity into Profit”, using The Time Hacker Method™.


Be an inventor and innovator, redefining concepts, subjects, topics, issues and words: Be  *entrepreneurial* in nature.

Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or recognise ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others.

So, that’s a wrap. That’s E.P.I.C., right?

You’ve now got the ticket to Fun and Fruitfulness in a nutshell. It’s a VIP pass, and it will take you places!

Being a B.O.S.S. gives you open doors of opportunity to discover your pathway to success.

Remember: Life is short.

Break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly and laugh uncontrollably.


EP 7: E.P.I.C: The Ticket to Fun & Fruitfulness

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I'm Stephanie.
Entrepreneur, Teacher turned Facilitator & Writer


more about me

I'm the Founder and Director of my8dayweek.

I've worked as a High School Preparation teacher for over 13 years and then decided to make my side hustle my “Main Thing.”

The concept for my8dayweek was a bold move to ensure that my entrepreneurial pursuits would allow the juggling of all creative endeavours, without dropping the ball on anything. #WhyNotHey

Above all else, I believe that learning is a lifelong journey. It does not end on graduation day. My favourite hashtag synonymous to this truth is #StudentForLife.


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