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Living your best life is about living a balanced, fulfilled, and happy life.
Join us “unpack” all the tips, tricks, hacks and strategies that will get you “there” in record time.

By our Productivity Coach and your host, Stephanie Rozario.







“Let’s Talk B.O.S.S.!” 


Work with strategies that are proven to "open doors" to SUCCESS. Ensure you are in the best frame of mind every morning so that you can smash your key goals, whilst staying aligned to your core values. 

Be the best version of yourself so you can shine BRIGHT...

“Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.”

Spend time doing things that make you forget what time it is

About your host

G’day, it’s Stephanie here!

I’m committed to ensuring you shine the brightest in your place of ownership and stewardship.

My hope is that by tuning in to our “Let’s talk B.O.S.S.!” Podcast you will become more and more empowered to do life with greater clarity and purpose.

Starting and managing an online business is not exactly “easy-peasy”. I put in lots of hours offline, curating the timetable I happily run with, every week!

I work hard, work smart, and I’m driven by peak productivity.

I work in my flow, and then I take ample time off for quality R&R.
Teaching, dancing, designing, writing poetry, travelling and blogging. Nothing is off-limits.

More so, it’s great to be able to make the #wfa (work from anywhere) lifestyle unfold into, greater adventures still.

"LET'S TALK B.O.S.S.!" By my8dayweek

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Get Inspired and Have Fun Doing It

Welcome to *MY* PODCAST by my8dayweek filled with nuggets of encouragement, creative tips, tricks and Life Hacks to ensure you show up confidently as B.O.S.S. in every aspect of your life.

In our upcoming episodes, Stephanie interviews women from all walks of life who are living that //extra//-ordinary life and doing it //with passion + purpose//!
Today, this week, this year, is your ‘Turning Point’!

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"Absolutely loved it! Concise, clear, easy to follow and enthusiastic tones! I’ll share it with friends if that’s ok? "

- Elizabeth, English Teacher, High School Preparation

"Pearls of wisdom to save future headaches and heartache. Everyone should have access to a Playbook on how to navigate life! "


"Enjoyed Stephanie explaining how everyone should take ownership of where they are in life, living out the B.O.S.S. Title! I’m off to make some bold boss moves today for sure!"

 - Michelle, Full-time Student & Support Worker

"Time and tasks always seemed to get away from me. I started listening to Stephanie's Let's Talk B.O.S.S podcast. That was the single hack I needed to do to get back in control of my life." 

"Each episode only takes about 10 minutes to listen to. And from each episode she gives another strategy to layer into your routine to start gaining time and getting more done. She makes getting back 20 hours each week as easy as walking up stairs. This is life-changing training made accomplishable!"

- Adrienne, Content Creation Expert

"Insightful teachings that are practical and easy to implement. Looking forward to Season 2, with more interviews to come. Everyone is a B.O.S.S. and should take pride in where they find themselves, in each and every season."

- laurainne

- laurainne

“This Podcast speaks right to my heart. I have been in indecision for far too long. I have told people I will get ‘such and such’ done, but in reality, I have done absolutely nothing. Thank you Stephanie for speaking the truth and saying what others stay quiet about. Huge wake-up call.”

- Jess, Action Taker & Truth Seeker


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